Tornado House

Forget the concept of housing as a shelter. Gahosafe Tornado House is an ordinary house, not a special shelter. The whole house is a safety house with defensive functions from any circumstances like tornado, earthquake, flood, forest fire and cold wave. It can also be used as anticrime and military facilities.

This house stands on the ground in usual times. When it is used for tornado, earthquake, cold wave, anticrime and military facilities, this house goes below the ground. It also has an earthquake-resistant design. It is well-constructed enough to withstand violent oscillations on earthquakes.

It can be considered as anticrime or military facilities. This house can protect itself and completely block external invasion as well. Under ground, you can live as usual.

This house is designed as a water-proof building. It is solid and durable enough not to be swept away, so it rises above the water according to the level of water when floods. It will soar up high enough not to be sunk by the flood. It will keep you stay safe.